What does the KNOX say?

August 29, 2015 0 Comments

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I honestly have been planning this party since Knox was born! And to finally see it all happen was amazing! I love when I put all of my energy into effort into something and imagine it in my head.. and it turns out exactly how I wanted! That’s what happened here people! It was honestly the best day! I loved how bright and fun and happy it was! So fitting for Knox! I absolutely loved celebrating my little guy! I cannot believe he is two. He amazes me with how much he already knows and the things he says and the things he jumps off of!! I have loved every single stage of Knox’s life and although I sometimes look back and say “oh I miss my baby” … It really just keeps getting better. I love every new stage. I love when he learns a new word or a new meaning. He is my little slice of Heaven that pushes me to be a better person. I’m so glad that we got to spoil him on his special day with all of our family and our closest friends!

This party wouldn’t have been possible without these amazing companies that helped sponsor the party!

Opposite of Far – Fox mask and Tail – This shop is honestly the cutest. I love how they encourage kids to expand their imaginations and play play play! I was so thrilled to have them a part of this party. And the fun with them doesn’t stop there! They are offering a coupon code for our readers.. Enter KNOXtheFOX at checkout for 20% off your order. Code expires 9/21.

The Splendid Kitchen – The absolutely incredible cake!!!! – Vicki is the sweetest girl EVER! She was so excited to make this way over the top cake for me and made it PERFECT! I am always so amazed with people that have such amazing talents. Vicki has always loved cooking and baking and decided to make a career out of it. Now she is a personal chef and a cake decorator. And thank heavens because this party wouldn’t have been the same with out her beautiful cake! Her website is coming soon but in the mean time I suggest following her on Instagram @thesplendidkitchen !!

Elemeno Tees – Knox’s “I’m Two” Shirt – This company is one of my favorites! They specialize in custom, adorable T-shirts for kids. Not only are their shirts to die for but the owner, Ashley, is a dream to work with! She is such an incredible person! I love supporting companies that have good products but are also ran by good people!

Zurchers Wedding and Party – All of the decor and balloons – Zurchers has always and forever will be my go to place for all of my party goods! They have everything that you could ever imagine. I promise if you go there you will leave with your entire party perfected!

Thank you again to everyone!

September 3, 2015

Eden Lee