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2 months have just zoomed by! Everyday is a new day with new challenges, new milestones, new successes, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I LOVE my boys. They bring so much joy into my life that even the hard days don’t even stand a chance! This month has been filled with the biggest smiles! Both babes have started to recognize me and smile ear to ear when they see me. It’s my favorite thing. Ace is such a serious dude and loves to be talked to. I talk to him like I am talking to an adult. And he just stares at me.. listening.. with the occasional smirk. Rad is the happiest, smiliest baby i’ve ever met. It just takes one look at him and his mouth is wide open, grinning as big as can be!

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Owlet is a HUGE reason that this whole twins transition has been such a breeze for us. Sleep is everything to me. If I can’t sleep, I can’t be a functioning human. Like I literally will find myself putting my keys in the fridge and the milk in the pantry.. I even poured salsa into a cup meaning to grab a glass of apple juice. Real stories people. I don’t know about all of you, but when I brought my first son Knox home from the hospital, I was a complete psycho. He slept like an angel BUT I couldn’t sleep. I knew the second I closed my eyes by baby would surely die. So I stared at him every night. Eyes peeled back staring at his chest slowly moving up and down. And then I would have that panicked moment when I thought he wasn’t breathing and I would shoot my hand under his nose to feel his soft breaths.. which unfortunately would wake him up and then I would have to sooth him back to sleep all over again. I cannot be the only one like this right! It’s a scary thing bringing home a little human who relies 100% on you. And SIDS is always creeping in the back of your mind causing you minor heart attacks every day.

So when I heard about Owlet I knew I had to give it a try! It. Is. Amazing. It is like a little angel watching my baby at night while my husband and I catch some Z’s. I can sleep so soundly knowing that if my babes stop breathing I will immediately be alerted. How comforting is that! The smart sock slips snuggly around their foot and monitors their heart rate + oxygen levels and if anything is out of the norm, it will send the information to me through bluetooth.

I was so lucky to have such healthy babies. We had zero NICU time and were able to bring them home the next day. Such a blessing. But even so, I love having that peace of mind every night I go to bed knowing that if something were to happen to my healthy babies, heaven forbid, I would be alerted and be able to do something about it! Thank you Owlet for staying up all night with my babes!

Knox even loves to be a part of putting the babies to sleep. He is the one that runs into their room first to grab their Owlet smart sock to put it on them. Such a sweet big brother.

To learn more click HERE to visit their website!

Eden Lee

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    jamie dicristofano

    June 29, 2016

    you continue to amaze me eden!! seriously your strength is so inspiring!!