The Only Child Again

July 18, 2017 0 Comments

We go to Lake Powell every year and it is by far our most favorite trip. Ryan and I both grew up going to Lake Powell so this place just holds a lot of memories for us! While we were planning for this years trip we started thinking about how hard it would be with the twins.. they are both is such a busy stage right now and keeping an eye on them both.. on a house boat.. surrounded by water.. just didn’t sound like much fun or even a good idea. So even though we knew we would miss them like crazy, we decided to leave them behind with a babysitter and just take Knox. It was the BEST idea ever! It was so much fun spoiling him and giving him all of our attention. It’s been a looong time since we’ve been able to do that and Ryan and IΒ absolutely loved every minute of it… Knox loved acting like an only child again!

I was so unbelievably proud of Knox this trip. He was so brave and tried new things that I totally thought he would chicken out on! He water skied for the first time… and I cried.. He loved it so much and wanted to do it over and over again! He caught his first fish! He held a lizard! And then he surfed with Ryan. It was so funny the first time watching Ryan try to figure out how to stand up holding Knox and holding the rope and balancing on the board haha Knox literally ended up upside down! Then they got the hang of it and were total pros… until Ryan’s arm was completely dead!

I loved this trip sooo much! We fished.. we ate tons of food.. we snuggled.. we soaked up the sun.. and we kissed Knox about one million times!

Now the big question is.. next year.. twins or no twins??

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Eden Lee