The Much Needed Vacation

October 30, 2016 0 Comments

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Knox’s new favorite thing to do when I take pictures is go cross eye’d hahaha
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We packed up all the kids and ditched real life to spend a week in California. No work, no schedules, (mostly) no phones, and it was pure heaven. I NEEDED Β this vacation to relax and pretty much soak up all hours of the day with my main man. I wish Ryan didn’t have to work in real life! Having him all day every day is an absolute dream..

We stayed at The Marriott Newport Coast Villas. It was amazing. The pools and fire pit and views were to die for. We spent all of our days lounging by the pool/ beach and then spent our nights eating yummy food (food is seriously the best part of trips am I right?) and shopping. It was perfect!

On Friday night we went to Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland. I asked Knox what he wanted to dress up as and he said an alligator.. So we coordinated around that. Ryan – Peter Pan. Eden – Tinkerbell. Knox – Tick Tock Croc. The Twins – The Lost Boys. Being at Disneyland during Mickey’s Halloween is literally like stepping into the movie Halloween Town. It is incredible and SO much fun. I promise if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland you have to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party because there are absolutely no lines! They only sell a certain amount of tickets so you have to jump on it!

The kids were soooo good this trip. I literally did not expect it! The twins stuck to their schedules pretty well surprisingly and took most of their naps in their stroller. I also learned how to nurse on the go! haha I just threw on my Milk Snob nursing cover and would nurse one baby at a time as we walked around. And Knox was hilarious. I thought that he would pass out when we stayed out late but he did not want to miss a thing. He would fall asleep in my arms for one second and then shoot his head up and say what’d I miss?! hahaha

The week went by so fast. Way too fast. It was a perfect trip. Even though I wish It didn’t have to end, it feels so good to be home. There is just something so special about HOME. It feels so nice having everyone sleep in their own beds.. We’re back on our routine. Knox is soooo exhausted from the trip and no lie, he has been sleeping in until 10 am!! We wore him out! I’m sad to have Ryan go back to work but guess what… I’m already planning our next vacation!!

Eden Lee