The Best of 2017

January 3, 2018 0 Comments

2017 was a big year for a us. It was a year of growing and changing and figuring stuff out. So many good things happened. Like when we finished our backyard, and Knox learned how to ride a bike, and the twins started walking. So many challenging things happened. Like when Ryan and Ace got their surgeries, and Knox destroyed our neighbors car, and huge family changes happened. 2017 taught me so so much. I wish I could even explain it to you in words.

But I feel like I spent a lot of the year focused on things ahead. I had a list a mile long of goals I wanted to accomplish and I spent so much of my time focusing on that. To be honest, I feel like I wished my year away. I was so consumed by the things I wanted to do. By future opportunities. By doing the next big thing. And then suddenly the year was over and I couldn’t believe it. As I was making this video I couldn’t help but cry because this life that I have is amazing. How did I let myself overlook it?

As I was making goals for this year, I stopped myself and asked “What can I do better than last year?” immediately the answer was BE WHERE YOU ARE. Gahhh… so simple yet SO unbelievably monumental for me. I have lots of goals.. lots of dreams and hopes for the future.. but this year.. this entire year.. is dedicated to being where I’m at. To live in the everyday moments. To have patience with my kids. And to stop and watched the boys wander in different directions instead of rush them to where we’re going. There is nothing more important than watching them grow up. Nothing more important then building an incredible relationship with my husband. 2018 will be a year of staying up late. Taking our time. Saying YES. Putting our phones down. Listening even when it doesn’t seem to matter. And loving life in every single second of the day.

Happy new year and I hope that you are ready to take on your very best year yet!

Now here’s a little trip down memory lane.. Here are some things from 2017 that I will never forget..

Traveling with the babes.. such a crazy adventure.. I think we learned a lot of patience from this alone!!

Ryan + Eden at the beginning of the year vs Ryan + Eden at the end of the year.. I can’t even tell you how much we grew as a couple in 2017. We both learned so much and grew together. It was amazing to watch and help each other grow though difficult times. 

My little Knox. Isn’t it crazy how much he’s changed in a year?!

Rad’s sock cast!! 

Learning to juggle life with twins.. And watching their totally different personalities come out was so much fun!

Naps with Knox… Whyyyy did that have to end?!

Always carrying a baby in each hand.. and my hair was so dark…

A never ending “tackle Daddy” contest

Traveling with my better half!

The mess after a meal… I don’t think I’m going to miss that actually!!

Trying not to squeeze the stinkers to death!

Baseball games + family outings! Feeling like a circus everywhere we went.. and loving it!

Watching Ryan as a Dad.. Watching ALL my handsome boys just be.

Always feeling like Knox’s twin

Knox’s first date with little Lucy!

Neighborhood drives with the hardest beat blasting!!

Gun fights, ninja kicks, and arm wrestles

I’m not kidding about the circus thing!

Just being trouble 1 and trouble 2…

and even more TROUBLE 3!!

Taking Knox on special dates to get special time

A perma-superhero living with us

Making new traditions as a family

Spending the entire Summer outside

The twins first birthday!

Trying to get a good picture with these two

Watching Knox starting to LOVE sports!

Seriously though.. Always cheek to cheek

Movie nights..

and snuggles…..

after snuggles…

after snuggles….

and snuggles…

and even more snuggles!!

Knox turning FOUR!

Strapping the babies in their strollers… haha more like trapping!

Knox’s always dirty little face!

And we can’t forget the car incident.. 

The twins starting to get independent!

Date nights!

and lots of kicks to the face!

Being able to scoop these two up in a towel… I can’t do that anymore…

Vespa rides

and licks to the face!

My three greatest blessings…

and my best friend in the whole wide world.

Life is so good with my boys. 2017 was amazing.

December 21, 2017

Eden Lee