Team Lee Takes San Fran

February 7, 2018 2 Comments

Ace literally didn’t let me put him down the whole trip! Mama’s boy to the max over here!

I know it seems so dumb.. but I LOVE the way he reaches back for me. 

I never want to forget his little profile with those pouty lips when he is really into watching something.

Knox took these pictures!! He told us how to pose and we were laughing so hard!

This is one of those moments that will forever be engrained in my mind. These three boys snuggled up as close as could be with nothing but a bunch of love for each other. Okay and an Ipad.. but in my mom brain it was just love!

Us trying to take selfies with a camera that is not suited for selfies… hahaha most of our pictures from high school actually look like this so I kind of love it!

Knox.. again with the photography + poses… thoroughly impressed over here! 

I really am so obsessed with this guy I married. OBSESSED.

Another “too close up” picture fail BUT I cannot get over how sweet Knox’s face is in it. SO I say it is a picture WIN!

We were on our way out of San Francisco but couldn’t leave without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. We were all packed up in the car and were too lazy to get everyone out.. I know LAZY.. but Knox and I hurried and snapped a few pictures. He was being hilarious dancing in front of it!

We finished the week in Napa and spent our days soaking in the hot tub.. and running through the freezing cold splash pad.. and back into the hot tub!

Ryan was planning on spending a week in California for some work. It was over his birthday and I was so sad that we weren’t all going to be together for it. So I talked Ryan into bringing the whole family with him and making a little trip out of it! Ryan had to work a lot obviously because it was a work trip BUT we got to spend his whole birthday is San Francisco. It was my first time visiting there and it was incredible. My Dad always told me stories of San Fran when I was a little girl and I always dreamed of going! So it really was a small bucket list item for me.

The drive there was what we were most scared for. 9 hours of driving with three little boys just doesn’t sound like much fun to me! We were SO surprised though because they were amazing the entire drive! I’m still like shocked because driving to the grocery store is like torture for them and everyone is crying.. but driving to California, stuck in a car for 9 hours was a piece of cake! Go figure!

All five of us shared a room. Imagine a king bed + a queen bed + 2 cribs. Squished would be a complete understatement! But honestly It was like a giant bed. I loved all being stuck together for the whole week. I watched as my boys grew so much closer. They snuggled together to watch a show because that was the only way to see the tv. They held hands walking EVERYWHERE because every place was new and no one wanted to get lost. They were each others #1 choice to play with. You all know I’m always stressing the question.. “how do you raise siblings that love each other?” … and I kind of decided that the answer is to travel together. Maybe that’s just me wanting to get out more haha but for real I feel like we all grew so much closer on this week long trip!

I do have to say.. It was not all rainbows and butterflies. Or in boys terms.. mud baths and dragons. The boys fought. I almost had a heart attack every time I took the boys to the hot tub by myself (that will explain why there are NO pictures of us at the pool). Things didn’t always go as planned. And our stroller tire popped when we were in the middle of nowhere! But like I always say.. You get to CHOOSE how you handle these situations and CHOOSE your mood be for the rest of the day. This trip.. we chose to be happy. We chose to laugh. We chose to move forward are create amazing memories through the absolute chaos.

Now I’m over here saying,  “RYAN!!! We need to take the boys on another trip so they will always love each other!!!” Yeah… I’m really on board with this theory 🙂

Eden Lee


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    Nicquita D. fairbanks

    February 7, 2018

    Such a Beautiful family! The trip to San Fan sounded like a wonderful bonding and sight seeing trip, as well asRyan combining work in as well! Wonderful pictures of you your husband and your precious boys! Loved reading about your trip! Thank you so much for sharing your fun experiences! ❤️Nicquita

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      Eden Lee

      February 7, 2018

      Thank you so much Nicquita ❤️❤️❤️