Silver Fern Brand

August 10, 2017 0 Comments

I only share things with you guys that I absolutely love. And today I am sharing a company that has completely changed my world! If you know my family, you know that they are a bunch of health nuts. Like literally won’t touch a candy bar because… poison. And then there’s me who can literally eat an entire cake by herself and feel absolutely great about it. Yeah I’m a little excessive in the sugar department. But I hear day in and day out how important nutrition is from my loving family. They know the ins and outs of what is good to put into your body and what is not. So when I discovered Silver Fern Brand, I was anxious to show it to my siblings to get their take on it. Usually they quickly dismiss the organic looking label and hash out all the things wrong and deceiving with whats really in the products. But this time was different. They picked up the bottle and quietly read the ingredients. Then without saying one word (which is crazy because usually they’ll find at least 5 things wrong in the first 30 seconds), they picked up their computer and started researching Silver Fern Brand. Finally they said, “Wow… this stuff is great!” GUYS… this is so rare I can’t even begin to tell you my excitement that I finally found a product that was “family” approved!

Silver Fern Brand is an incredible company. They are completely changing the world of health and nutrition by creating natural products that have no hidden ingredients. No GMO’s. No bad stuff. Only the best and healthiest ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle. They don’t offer any products that they don’t believe are the absolutely best out there. You can learn more about some of their products HERE.

I’ve been using the Kaha Protein Powder and their Ultimate Probiotic Supplement. I love them!

But my absolute favorite product from Silver Fern Brand is their Wai Probiotic Drink Mixes. They like to refer to them as “Silver Fern Brand’s water boredom buster”. And I couldn’t agree more! They are so unbelievably delicious and help me drink way more water than ever! But even better.. they are so good for you. There are so many drink mixes out there but if you really look at what’s in them you will realize that what you’re adding to your water is totally hurting your body. Those artificial ingredients are NO BUENO! Silver Fern Brand’s Wai Probiotic Drink Mixes are loaded with a powerful probiotic blend that supports healthy metabolism and aids in immunity support. They give me so much energy to push me through my day!

Use code LOVERLEES10 to receive 10% off your order! Hop on the band wagon and add Siver Fern Brand to your daily routine!

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Eden Lee