Raising Boys that Love Each Other

January 14, 2018 0 Comments

The number one thing that has been on mine and Ryan’s minds lately is how to raise kids that love each other. And like really… HOWWW?? When I was going through my second pregnancy (not knowing it was twins) I would feel guilty about having to split my attention with Knox and the new baby. I would get anxiety over how he would feel when I had to cut play time short to go feed the baby. It was actually pretty daunting on me and I worried about it through a lot of my pregnancy. I shared my frustration with my older brother who completely shattered those fears when he said, “Eden, why would you feel guilty about giving Knox his best friend?” Woah.. literally all of my worry whooshed out the window and I started to feel SO excited for Knox because my attention for him maybe wasn’t going to be what it was before.. BUT it was about to be added to because this little sibling was going to give him 100% of his attention and be his little side kick!

Siblings are the coolest things. I watch now as Ace and Rad follow Knox around like little puppies. Knox walks into a room, kicks a ball, turns around, and jumps on his bed… and then immediately Ace and Rad come waddling in, kick the same ball, turn around, and then jump up on the bed with their big brother. They look up to him. And Knox adores them. The first thing Knox does in the morning is run into our room and say, “Can I wake up the babies?” I love watching them help each other reach a toy off of a dresser. Or sneak each other treats before dinner. I love the way they all snuggle up on the couch to watch a show and pat each others head when one is sad. Best freaking friends.

But when does all of that kind of stop? When is the exact moment that competition and envy come creeping in? That following each other around is “annoying” and doors start to slam in each others faces?

I’m scared. Scared to raise three boys. Scared because I don’t know how to maneuver through those inevitable scenarios. So what Ryan and I have decided to do is to focus on teaching our boys to just love each other. To learn how to cheer each other on instead of always compete. To treat each other like their shiny new trophy.. something they are so proud of and something they want to show off. To help each other succeed where one tends to have a harder time.

How do you raise siblings that love each other? I have NO idea.. but I’m giving it all I’ve got.

Eden Lee