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His tough guy face haha!

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October is by far my favorite month (until December hits and all the twinkling lights steal my heart)! But really what is cuter than a babe in a pumpkin patch. Knox was diggin’ the privilege of being able to roam free through the pumpkin patch and pick up every pumpkin in sight! He and I both wanted to buy 20 pumpkins… it’s like I picked outΒ each one individually and could already see them sitting perfectly on my front porch.. but what am I? Made of money or something? So we down sized to 3 and 2 of Knox’s baby picks. I’m not complaining πŸ™‚ But I told Ryan that one day, when we have all the money in the world, I want to buy so many pumpkins that you can barely get to the front door! Too much?

Eden Lee