My Go-To Hair Hacks

September 13, 2017 0 Comments

I get so many questions about my hair and I’ve finally gotten around to sharing my hair care routine! I don’t know about any of you.. but when I had my first son, I noticed a huge change in my hair. Biggest change being… it like all fell out.. in chunks! Then the twins came and it started falling out even more. Guys MY HAIR!! I was so distraught and didn’t know how to do it anymore. So after the twins I decided that I needed to figure out how to nurse my hair back to health!

The first step was finding the right hair dresser. My girl, Addee Hunt, met with me and recommended I use Nioxin System 3 Scalp Therapy. I’ve loved this shampoo and conditioner and have felt my hair thicken up and also my itty bitty baby hairs are starting to grow back. Wahoo!

As my hair is starting to fill back in, I wanted a temporary fix for the thickness issue. So I use Top Knot Extension Clip-ins. I’ve loved the quality of their hair and am so happy with how they blend into my natural hair (Addee custom colored them to match my hair and did an amazing job). Β I also love that they are clip-ins. This way I can take them out whenever I want.. when I go to the pool, or the gym, or go to sleep.. and I never have to worry about ruining them or having them pull out my hair. LOVE.

Then I started getting in a routine of HOW to do my hair. My hair is almost always curled.. and I have found the best, healthiest way to do these big loose curls everyday without spending hours on my it. I first wash my hair using my Nioxin Products. When I get out I dry my hair off with a towel and use either my Morocccan Oil or my Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum.. I still can’t decide what one I like more so I alternate between the two. Then I split my hair into two sections. Β I twirl both sides away from my face so there are like two twirled chunks on each side of my head. My friends make fun of my and call me Pippy Long Stockings! If I am not in a hurry, I will let them air dry like this and after a few hour, I’ll brush my hair out and have fabulous curls! If I am in a hurry, I will still twirl those two sections but I will take my T3 Luxe Hair Dryer to it and blow dry the two twirls until they’re dry. And then it’s the same result! It’s such a great way to get those nice, loose, flowing curls without having to use any heat! I use to think all blow dryers were the same.. until I used my T3.. You should definitely look into it!

Lastly, If I am wanting to look extra put together, I will use my T3 Curling Iron to spruce up my top layer and make the curls look more uniform by taming those fly aways. I alway curl my hair away from my face by wrapping my hair around the wand. I love my T3 Whirl Trio because it has interchanging wands that I can use depending on what kind of curl I want. My go to,Β is with the 1.5″ barrel. Then I finish with a spritz of my Dove Hairspray! And Done!

I’m still learning and trying new things everyday. What are some of your favorite products to use? What are some of your hair hacks? Let me know!

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