Kauai, Hawaii

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We loved walking through the little beach towns and dreaming of living there! The houses were to die for!

We only ate about 1000 shaved ices

I asked Ryan if I could wear his long socks over my leggings for the hike so the mud wouldn’t ruin them!

Ryan pretending to be a yogi.. haha I was dying!

Probably my favorite picture of all time hahaha

My brother-in-law literally scared my sooo bad like 5 second after this picture was taken. Like face plant into the sand kind of scare haha!

This trip was planned for a year. Some days when I just was having a hard day, I would literally say, “But Eden! You’re going to Hawaii in December!” I honestly counted down the months for this trip to spend some one on one time with Ryan. To get to be selfish for a week and to not have to think about keeping three little boys alive. A trip to dote on my hubby and to feel like we were kids again! This trip was EVERYTHING to me. I needed it. Ryan needed it. And wow Kauai, Hawaii did not disappoint!

My wonderful Mother actually was the one that made this trip happen. This was our family trip this yearΒ minus the littles. It was a nice little break! But it’s funny because after a couple days Ryan and I both were like… I miss our kids. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder!

We had the time of our lives. Hikes + waterfalls + beach time + shopping + exploring + snorkeling + a little family drama of course.. because who goes on a family trip with out a little bit of drama haha.. and a perfect week of loving on my man.

Kauai… we’re definitely coming back… and we might just stay!

A lot of people have asked.. so here are some of the things we did/ate!

To Do:

Hanalei Bay.. Was definitely our favorite part of the Island. It was more of a surfer dude kind of feel and had tons of cute shops and great restaurants.

Hanakapiai Trail – This hike was absolutely breathtaking. It is a 8 mile round trip hike to a gorgeous waterfall. Unfortunately we left too late in the day to be able to make it to the waterfall BUT half way is an awesome little beach with incredible views.Β WARNING – muddy beyond belief!

Snorkeling at Poipu Beach – AMAZING snorkeling and tonnnnns of sea turtles! My only suggestion would be to pack water shoes. There are a lot of sea urchins and the water is pretty shallow.. so it kind of freaked me out that I couldn’t put my feet down!

Secret Beach was a really cool beach withΒ huge rocks to climb on and explore. Also there is an incredible view of the lighthouse.

I kind of wish we got to visit here in the Summer because the ocean in Hawaii is actually pretty dangerous in the winter. The waves were so big so we couldn’t actually get in the water a lot. Also I was dying to see Queen’s Bath but it was too scary to go.. so If you’re there in the summer please let me know how it is!

FOOD! Because the best part about trips in the food am I right??

Chicken in a Barrel – Loved their mix plate with pork and substitute the chili for macaroni salad. Ryan got the 1/4 chicken of course.

JoJo’s Shaved Ice – This was my favorite shaved ice. We loved the Berry Berry.

Wishing Well Shaved Ice. This was Ryan’s favorite shaved Ice. We got Rainbow with Vanilla ice cream.

Tropical Taco – Delicious fish tacos!

Da Crack – Amazing burritos! We got the pork burrito and ate here a few times because we were obsessed!

Puka Dogs – Okay i’m already a huge fan of hot dogs but these were next level! We got the spice mango dog with Hawaiian mustard!

Okay now who’s hungry…

Merry Christmas everyone!


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