Ikea High Chair Hack

November 11, 2016 1 Comments

I’ve always loved our high chair from Ikea. But this simple little upgrade reeeally upped its game! All we did was spray paint the legs and just like that.. this simple high chair instantly got a real upgrade. I went with a classic copper spray paint. I wanted to do something bold.. like yellow or a mint color.. but with how often I change my mind I felt it was safer to go with a color that would be forgiving with my ever changing mood!

I love the way the high chair turned out and I LOVE my boys! I cannot even believe that the twins are big enough to sit in these things.. and as you can tell from the video.. Knox is the cutest, smotheringest, biggest helper, of a big brother!

Eden Lee

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    November 11, 2016

    Oh my cutest ever!!!! Love this idea and can’t wait to do it one day! Love these boys so much!