I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Halo!

May 25, 2017 0 Comments

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. ALWAYS. But when it come to ice cream… it’s a whole new level. Ice cream is like its own food group in my opinion! And I’ve learned that a normal day should go like this.. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ice cream! It’s my Dad’s fault! I’d say, “I don’t feel good.” Then he’d say, “Have some ice cream.” I’d say I’ve had a hard day.” He’d say, “Have some ice cream.” Ice cream is my fix all! Thank you for teaching me that Dad!

Although I’ve had no plans to stop this whole ice cream addiction.. I was over the moon when I learned about Halo Top Creamery and how their ice cream isΒ actually healthy for you!! YES. HEALTHY! With low calories and high protein, this ice cream will never leave you feeling guilty.. especially after you eat a whole pint by yourself.. which I do.. regularly!

We had so much fun binging out on all the ice cream Halo Top sent us and Knox was completely shocked that I let him eat as much as he wanted. Our number one favorite kind was Sea Salt Carmel.. and then peanut butter.. But wow they really were all so good and that is saying a lot from a real life ice cream connoisseur!

Since we loved it so much we decided to team up with Halo TopΒ for a giveaway!! And who wouldn’t want to win some free ice cream!? The giveaway will be over on our Instagram tonight so be sure not to miss it!


Eden Lee