DSC_0479 DSC_0482 DSC_0488 DSC_0504

The loot!DSC_0551 DSC_0552

We ate soo much candy… Knox didn’t know how to stop!
DSC_0509 DSC_0510

His new favorite things.. suckers!DSC_0516 DSC_0524 DSC_0526 DSC_0529 DSC_0534 DSC_0544DSC_0538

I was dying because know really did get candy drunk! He just laid like this after!

DSC_0553 DSC_0556 DSC_0559

I really am a pro gutter..Β DSC_0561 DSC_0564

Sooo concentrated hahahaDSC_0565 DSC_0571 DSC_0573 DSC_0583

The morning after is always fun! I did leave a few pieces of candy for Knox..


and he’s obsessed!Β DSC_0591

I absolutely love Halloween! I finally got to relive my childhood and go trick-or-treating.. but this time I was taking my little boy house to house collecting all sorts of goodies. This for sure was the best Halloween yet. There really is something special about taking you baby trick-or-treating. Ryan and I just kept saying, “this is so much better than when we were little!” I already am looking forward to next year.. haha!

After Knox went to bed, Ryan and I carved our pumpkins and made our famous pumpkin seeds while we watched a scary movie… and ate all of Knox’s candy.. I hope everyone had such a fun, candy filled Halloween! Even if they did steal it from their children πŸ™‚

November 3, 2014

Eden Lee