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Okay so true story.. I begged my husband Ryan for a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag for months… 9 to be exact. And then one magical day, I got one! I loved everything about it. It was cute and worked. What more could I ask for right? And then.. I got a Fawn Design bag… My world was rocked…Not only was this bag appealing to the eye, it had so much more space. There were SO many pockets. It was waterproof inside and out. Should I go on?? Yes.. yes I will.. It has the option to be carried over your arm or on your back like a backpack, Ryan loves to carry it because it is totally unisex but still is the absolute cutest bag. And my absolute favorite thing is the way it opens. This really is something that I never realized was important until Jenny from Fawn Design decided to create such a genius product. While most bags zip from one side to the other, Fawn design bags zip in a U shape which completely opens up the bag.. revealing pretty much everything you’ve packed. No more digging around anymore searching for that sippy or treat or toy or NUK. I unzip, see, grab, and go. Holy crap it’s amazing. Needless to say, I am in love with this bag.

Order fast! Bags will begin shippingΒ in March.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Β Lindsey Lu Creations

December 23, 2014

Eden Lee