everything you need to know

WHY DID YOU BEGIN BLOGGING – I began blogging in 2012 when my son was first born. We moved to Chicago for my husbands job and I wanted a way to share with family and friends what we were up to even though we were so far away.Β It was a way to keep us connected and make the sting of distance less painful. I love having this online little world that connects people together!

HOW DID YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND MEET – My husband Ryan and I met at Alta High School when we were just babies.Β I was in 9th grade when we first started talking and… the rest is history. We fell in love immediately and dated until Ryan left on his LDS mission for two years. We wrote letters while he was gone and when he returned it was like nothing had changed! We were married a few months later.

WHAT KIND OF CAMERA DO YOU USE – I use a Nikon DSLR 5600 with a 55mm lens.

WHAT DO YOU USE TO EDIT YOUR PICTURES – I mostly muse Lightroom to edit my photos but when I am on the go I use the Photoshop app (which is free!) and I love it!

DO TWINS RUN IN YOUR FAMILY – Twins do not run in our family and we were not on any fertility pills! They were a complete and utter surprise!