Knox is a talk talk talker these days! He literally doesn’t stop. So I had the brilliant idea (so I thought) to make a sweet Father’s Day video for our superstar Dad Ryan. It was an epic FAIL! If you want to see how much fun a two year old can have with a chair then please watch this! ADD to the max hahaha and he said the most random things… I was dying with laughter. Even though it was completely not what I had in mind, it is probably my most favorite video ever.

But the main point is… Ryan is the best Dad in the world! If you could see behind the scenes, everything that he puts into being a Dad, you would be in awe. His first priority is his family. Always. Period. He comes home from a long day at work and is immediately on the floor with Knox playing tackle football. Screaming, running, tackling, jumping… I am so thankful he has the energy to do that because I sure don’t! He is the funnest, most thoughtful, hard working Dad and is always down for a “gas station treat”… gobstoppers all the way! Snuggling, movie night, “trampoline place”, “Chick a lay”… It is no surprise that Knox always says “Dada my best friend”. I couldn’t imagine a better best friend to have. Happy Father’s Day Ryan!

Eden Lee