Blessed X2

August 8, 2016 0 Comments

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This Sunday was such a perfect day. We got to bless our baby boys and we got to do it in the comfort of our home. We were surrounded by so many of our family and friends and the love in the room was overwhelming. I feel so lucky to know so many amazing people that have blessed our lives tremendously. Ryan gave such sweet blessings to the boys. Ace was first. He is our very very aware little boy. Always staring deep into people eyes. Analyzing every little movement in the room. He is bound to be a leader. A leader who has the opportunity to be an example to others. Rad was next. Our happy little boy with a contagious smile. He is such a light and will carry that light around him throughout his life. He will be the person to lift others up and spread joy like no other.

I feel like there is something so special about my baby boys coming into this world together. A built in best buddy for life. Where one lacks the other will lift him up. I am so excited to watch them grow up together, cheering each other on in their differences. Twin Power!

After the blessings we served salmon and cream cheese bagel sandwiches and got to visit for hours. I am truly sad the day passed by so fast. Thank you to everyone who helped, who came, and to those who continuously support us. We love you all!

Twins Knit Rompers – Pontinhosmeus

Dress – Piper & Scoot

Knox’s Tie – Laco Hand Made

Eden Lee