Before They Pucker Up

May 23, 2015 0 Comments

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This party was so much fun to plan and put together because if was for one of my absolute best friends! I loved thinking about her the entire time… choosing the colors, to the theme, down to her favorite food… which yes Cara’s favorite food has always been hot dogs and french fries! Cute Cara. I was so happy with the turnout for our citrus themed shower evenΒ though it started pouring rain a half hour before it started and we had to move everything inside.. yikes! But every thing worked out perfectly. I seriously am so grateful for Tory and Kadee for throwing this party with me and supporting my crazy ideas. I am SO excited for Cara to marry Brock!

This shower was inspired by so many amazing partiers listed below!

Citrus Theme – Studio DIY’s wedding shower

Invitation – Drawn by me but inspired by Studio DIY’s wedding shower invite

Cookies – Recipe by The Alison Show and design inspired by @vickiee_yo

Ballons – by Northstar Ballons and purchased at Zurchers

Eden Lee