Attitude of Gratitude

November 8, 2017 0 Comments

I love November. I will admit that I am super tempted to bust out the Christmas decor the day after Halloween.. but I try to resist because November is such a beautiful month! It is the month of Thanksgiving. The month to show gratitude. The month of being thankful andΒ to count your blessings for everything you have. So hold up Christmas.. I already have enough and I am going to slow down to recognize it all!!

We live in a world where we are always looking for the next big thing. GUILTY. The next new Iphone.. camera.. styles.. milestones.. diets.. bigger houses.. new boats.. a bigger better vacation destination. It’s fun to think of those things and to make plans no doubt! And with Christmas coming up, I admit my Christmas list has already begun to stack up. But what would it look like if we stopped for a moment.. even just for November.. to be grateful for what we have NOW.

I’m challenging YOU to make the rest of November a month to be more grateful than you have ever been. Everyday write down something you are thankful for. I promise this month will hold so much more meaning as you start to live with an attitude of gratitude!

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Things I’m thankful for:

My Family of boys – A loving husband who is also smokin’ hot – healthy babies – a healthy body – my home and the neighborhood we live in – my glasses because a year ago I didn’t have any and was as blind as a bat – FaceTime to see family and friends who live far away – a fire place – Netflix – my religion that teaches me that I will see my Dad, who passed away, again – people that smile at me in grocery stores – the daycare workers at my gym who LOVE my kids – gum – my bath tub – my comfy cozy bed… okay I could go on and on and on… and I will through the rest of the month! Happy November everyone! I am so grateful for YOU!

Eden Lee