Attack of the Clothes

January 6, 2017 0 Comments

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I don’t know how I always let it get to this… Every time I catch up on my laundry I tell myself I’m never going to let it get that bad ever again.. and then here I am… once again… with mountains of laundry to fold! I would blame it on the kids because they really do all they can to run right through my piles of folded clothes, but I have to admit I was like this before they were even here!

I admit.. I get really frustrated sometimes though. Trying to keep up with these kinds of things and then the kids just make a mess of it all… but today I reminded myself that I was in no hurry.. no where to go and nothing to do but be here in the moment. It felt so good to have a clothes war with Knox and barry the babes. Sometimes it’s good to just let go and let things be the way they are. And today was a good day all because of our mountains of laundry 🙂

Eden Lee