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Last year I completely missed fall.. I missed Halloween, and pumpkin patches, and pumpkin carving, and dressing up, and EVERYTHING festive. Thanks to the pregnancy from my nightmares.. So this year I plan on making up for lost time!

Seven Peaks Spooktacular at the Lehi Fun Center was our official first fall activity! It is definitely a lot harder getting out of the house with the twins but we are not going to let that stop us! We packed everyone up and had a blast together as a family. Knox rode his first roller coaster.. which from the video Ryan took we gathered that Knox had pretty mixed emotions about it haha! Got our faces pained, jumped in bounce houses, swam in popcorn kernels, and got lost in the corn maze. I love watching my Knox run wild with all the fun around him… which explains sooooo many blurred pictures… but priceless memories! Next stop.. the Pumpkin Patch.. Knox was so confused as to why we couldn’t take all of the pumpkins from the Fun Center home!

Oh how I’ve missed you Fall!

Eden Lee