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I have to be honest and say that I am SO proud and actually quite amazed at how good these sugar cookies turned out! I seriously have never made sugar cookies.. aside from Pillsbury pre-cut cookie dough.. and so I was worried when I decided to give this a whirl. But do you want to know the secret to making these?? I will tell you. I will tell you right now. It’s called… buy Alison Faulkner’s ebook on how to make perfect sugar cookies with royal frosting! I am serious. First off Alison is only like the cutest nicest most amazing person you will every meet, and second she makes a mean freaking sugar cookie. I’ve seen her cookies for years and always envied how perfect they were. But because of the awesome person that Alison is, she decided to give away all her secrets and teach everyone how to make perfect sugar cookies. Not only did she create an ebook for you to read and learn her secrets, she has step by step videos to make sure you understand exactly how to make your cookies look like you just picked them up from a bakery. I may have actually let this cookie making go to my head because suddenly I’m thinking I’m a pro and should do this professionally… I’ll sleep on it..

April 2, 2015

Eden Lee