Goodbye Illinois…

Our road trip to Missouri had to be broken up into two days because there was no way little Knoxie could handle 10 straight hours in the car! So what better place to stop than Nauvoo and learn a little bit about our church’s history! It was so cool to see how people lived back then. My absolute favorite part was learning about the printing press. What patience people had. I freak out when my computer takes longer than 1 second to load! It was so unbelievably hot this day though and we looked like a bunch of bums wandering the streets. After a 5 hour drive what else can you expect!

We made it to Missouri safe and sound! Only a couple months until we get to come home to our house! SOO many faces that I am dying to see!


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They’re in love

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I thought for so long that Knox was just giving Daddy bunches of kisses…but then I looked closely!

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When we called the Hotel the lady on the other line said, “Hotel Nauvoo, this is Lou!” Like you’re kidding…She was born for this job!


The Nauvoo temple is absolutely stunning!

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Eden Lee