My Picky Eaters

May 16, 2017 0 Comments

I’ve had the hardest time finding foods that my babies will eat. They are the pickiest eaters EVER. Especially Ace. He closes his mouth so tight and will not open it for nearly anything! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are literally the most stressful times of the day because not only are my babies picky and wont eat their food… they’re also super under weight and skinny so I need to fatten them up!

That’s where Little Spoon has swooped in and saved the day! I was super hesitant at first because I for sure thought that my boys would immediately spit out the purees. But to my surprise they gobbled up the whole serving and started screaming for more!! I was so shocked and so relieved! I finally have something filling, easy, and healthy to feed the twins!!

Little Spoon is an awesome company with organic fruits and veggies that are perfectly prepared for you baby and DELIVERED right to your door. They haven’t officially launched yet so go join the waitlist at

Life get so crazy with little babies so why notΒ make meal time easy!


Eden Lee