Spring it On

March 27, 2017 0 Comments

Monday nights are my absolute favorite. Ryan makes sure to get home from work a little early and we plan a fun family night with the kids. Last Monday was SO perfect. Yogurt and swings at the park is my idea of a perfect night 🙂

I am finding myself reeeally appreciating my days with my little boys. I mentioned in a post a few days ago that I felt like the last 11 months I’ve been in survival mode with the twins and have missed milestones because… well twins. But finally this place we are in is SO good. Like SOOOOO good. Twins are still a lot of work obviously. Babies are a lot of work! But they are finally to the point where they can entertain themselves for a while. I watch them play together. I watch Knox play with them. They are totally crushing the finger food game and I am able to eat a normal meal while they eat theirs. See… SO good 🙂

And now that things aren’t so crazy, I feel the…. drum roll… MOM GUILT sweeping in because of all the milestones I missed. I know Mom guilt is honestly the dumbest thing in the world because Moms are awesome and we all work so hard! But here I am feeling all the feels of the dumb Mom guilt. LIFE.
So I see that I have two options. One: I can feel bad for the “survival mode” stage and mope over the missed milestones.. or I can Two: look forward and soak up every new milestone that is to come. I’ll be honest.. I did option one for a quick second.. and now option two is rollin’ in hot! I am loving where we are at as a family and the twins and Knox are at such a fun age. I love the adventures we go on.. and let’s be real, a run to the grocery store is an adventure for us!I am living in the now. I am CHOOSING to live in the now.. and the Mom guilt’s got nothing on me 🙂



Eden Lee