Disneyland for Christmas

December 22, 2016 3 Comments

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I’m not kidding.. Disneyland workers kept trying to move our strollers and I had to keep say oh that’s mine.. so is that one.. that’s mine too.. hahaha
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Knox was begging to see the princesses.. He’s got some mad game!!!dsc_0687 dsc_0694 dsc_0696 dsc_0727

But he is definitely all boy.. He was obsessed with this Lego Hulk! The Lego store is incredible.dsc_0718 dsc_0717 dsc_0710 dsc_0741 dsc_0743 dsc_0745 dsc_0757dsc_0624 dsc_0630 dsc_0610

My cute Mom decided to give ourΒ family Disneyland for Christmas. BEST. PRESENT. EVER. And Disneyland at Christmas time is beyond magical. I’ve always loved Disneyland.. but this time of year was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! My family doesn’t get to do stuff like this very often because the five of us siblings are spread all over the map.. so this trip was very special! Knox absolutely loved getting to spend all day with his cousins. I was scared he wouldn’t want to come home with us!

This was such a perfect ending to an incredible year. And watching Knox fight the real life Darth Vader is something I will never ever forget!!


December 30, 2016

Eden Lee


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    Paige kate

    December 30, 2016

    What camera and lens do you use?

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      January 7, 2017

      Hi Paige! I use a Nikon 5100 with a 50mm lens!

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      January 30, 2017

      I use a 50 mm!